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Alcohol & Marijuana DUI Law for Commercial Driver’s Licenses

When it comes to driving under the influence, the rules for Alcohol-related DUI’s and marijuana DUI’s are far more stringent for drivers with Commercial Driver’s Licenses (CDL) than drivers using a standard license. The legal blood alcohol limit established for drivers over 21 is...
Marijuana DUI Laws

Marijuana DUI Law Explained – Video

As you might be aware, recreational marijuana use in Washington state is now legal. It is very important to know that driving while under the influence of marijuana is not legal. In my video above I explain the legal limit laws associated with driving under the influence of...

Busting The Legal Limit Myth – Video

In DUI Law Firm’s first video segment we will be discussing a very important aspect of DUI law in Washington. This video discusses the fact that if you are influenced or effected by alcohol in your system, you can still be convicted of a DUI if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is...